Warranty Registration

Register your XSTO Product with us to ensure we can contact you regarding your product and ensure Warranty details are complete.

Welcome to XSTO

Thank you for choosing XSTO. We are honored to welcome you as a customer. We design our products with safety and durability, supported by our 12-months warranty program. Please note, warranty service can only be provided with your bill of sale as proof of purchase.

Registering your product allows us to reach you instantly, in the very unlikely event a safety notice were ever to be issued. Plus, if you were to ever experience an unfortunate occurrence (fire, flood, theft, etc.) your registration may serve as proof for an insurance loss claim.

Where can I find the serial number?

In order to update you about product news as well as technical changes (e.g. options, accessories) we ask you to register your product online. We ask you to provide us with your address, full product name and the serial number: