Best Hand Truck For Stairs (XSTO ZW7170G Review)

Best Hand Truck For Stairs (XSTO ZW7170G Review)

If you’ve been looking for the best hand truck for stairs, then this is the article you’ve been waiting for. Finding a suitable hand truck that can handle stairs is no easy task, especially if you’re new to the product.

So in this article, I wanted to open your eyes to the XSTO ZW7170G. During this article, I’ll be explaining what to look for if you’re new to stair climbing hand truck and showing you some of the features and benefits.

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Great, let’s get started:

Things To Consider When Buying Hand Struck For Stairs

As with anything you purchase in life, there are things you need to consider beforehand if you want to make a successful purchase.

So, what things should you consider before you buy a powered stair climber? Well, in this section, I want to talk you through a few of these considerations:

Does It Have Safety Features?

Even when you have the right equipment, carrying heavy items can be dangerous. And that’s why you have to start thinking about the safety features the stair climbing hand trucks come with.

Ideally, you should be looking for a stair climber that comes with some sort of breaking system to prevent it from slipping down the stairs.

How Long Does The Battery Last?

If you have to keep your deliveries on time, it’s essential you don’t have to take a break to charge your equipment. Always take a look at how long the stair climber’s battery can last before you make the purchase.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

If you’re working on a small budget, you need to know how much you’re willing to spend. Powered stair climbers can be pretty expensive depending on the model and style you need. If you define a budget first it will stop you from overpaying for a machine.

How Much Weight Can It Carry?

If you’re carrying heavy equipment upstairs every day, you need to think about the average weight of the stuff you carry. Understanding the maximum weight you carry in a transport, will decide the capacity of your stair climber must be. 

Is It Easy To Transport?

Chances are, you’re going to be transporting the powered stair climbing hand trucck in the back of your van with all your deliveries. That means you need something that can pack down easily and is lightweight enough to lift on and off the truck.

What Do You Move The Most?

You need to think about what materials you move the most to decide which motorized stair climber will work the best for you. Think about the size and weight of the items you transport and work out if your stair climber can take them on.

Advantages of XSTO Stair Climber ZW7170G

I’ve shown you what to look for from a powered stair climber, but now I want to introduce you to the feature and benefits of the best hand truck for stairs or the XSTO ZW7170G.

So, let’s take a look:

Easy to Use

To power the stair climber, they use a 10Ah portable lithium battery. On one full charge, this electric stair climber can climb 60-135 floors. And to get it back to full charge, it takes 2.5 hours and requires a 100V-240V power station.

They wanted it to make it very easy to use no matter how fast you walk upstairs, which is why it comes with two-speed settings. On the lowest speed settings, it can climb 24 steps per minute, and at high speed, it can climb 34 steps per minute.

You can control the speed settings very quickly; it’s a simple case of flipping the switch to your desired speed.

It also includes a switch that controls if the stair climber goes upstairs or downstairs. 

The great thing about this stair climber is it comes with an edge brake. The edge break stops the stair climber from slipping downstep stairs and hurting yourself or over people. 

It was also designed to be foldable and lightweight, so you’ll have no problems transporting it and lifting it on and off a van.

Safety Feature

When you’re transporting goods upstairs, one of your primary concerns should be the safety of the users and anyone walking underneath. 

To help keep people safe when using this stair hand truck, XSTO installed an edge break, which ensures it can’t slip down the stairs and cause injury to people.

Battery Life & Charging 

If you want to keep your business productivity as high as possible, you need to know how long the battery lasts and how long it takes to full charged.

The battery was designed for climbing 60-135 floors on one single charge. It may seem like a massive jump between 60 to 135 floors. 

The thing is:

It depends on how heavy the item you’re carrying is and what speed you set the hand truck to.

When it comes to charging the stair climber, you’ll need 100V-240V, and it will take 2.5 hours to reach a full charge. 

Ability Of Climbing Stairs

Another thing you want to know is how well the hand truck can climb stairscase. Luckily, the XSTO ZW7170G is exceptionally efficient at climbing stairs.

For the stair climber to work efficiently, the stairscase cannot exceed 21 CM in height, so its arms don’t slip off the staircase.

At the fastest speed, the stair climber can take on 34 steps per minute. And when it’s on the lowest speed, it can tackle 24 steps per minute.

The last thing I want to mention is that this stair climber can carry 170 KG worth of gear without failing.

Optional Extras

Another great thing about the XSTO ZW7170G is how many optional extras you can add to the stair climber. Having a stair climber so adaptable makes it easy to carry an extensive range of equipment; here are a few of the extras you can get:

  • Barrel fixture 
  • Auxiliary handler
  • Bottle water fixture
  • Gas cylinder fixture
  • Heighten Fixture
  • Chair delivery fixture

Feedback From Customers

People were pleased with how the stair climber was to transport on and off the van. It helped make their day a lot easier.

Another thing I noticed why people were delighted with the seller, they said the service was excellent, and it was delivered quickly.


When it comes down to it, the XSTO ZW7170G is the best hand truck for stairs. It’s incredibly lightweighted, which makes it very easy to transport. 

It can also take on up to 130 floors of stairs, so it’s unlikely the battery will run out halfway through a job.

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